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 The emphasis we place on professional service and weight to attach to every detail has made us a major partner in the industry.

Check out our website and learn more about our company and what we offer can prepare.

With a choice of such a wide range of services, you'll find exactly what you are looking for. If you need assistance,

our qualified staff will provide you with professional advice.

Our offer:

  • production of optica discs
  • duplication CDs, DVDs
  • prints on CDs, DVDs
  • graphic services 
  • authoring
  • packaging production 
  • packaging, foliation
  • transport, logistic


Manufacture optical discs:

  • CD Audio
  • CD Rom
  • CD Video
  • CD Extra
  • mini CD
  • CD card
  • DVD +
  • DVD 5
  • DVD 9
  • DVD 10
  • DVD Rom
  • DVD Video
  • DVD Extra
  • DVD Audio


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